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Choose lesser known destinations. Lower demand may translate into friendlier prices, and you can find high-quality holiday locations at lower costs. Take advantage of airline promotions. Subscribe to the newsletters of the companies that interest you the most and you will see that last minute deals and opportunities will arrive at your email.

Where to stay? – Save money on accommodation

Where to stay? - Save money on accommodation

  • Buying packages that include flight and hotel can help save money. All the above mentioned search engines offer also the possibility to search for accommodation at good prices;
  • Forbes magazine highlights the Airbnb website as one of the best in the vastness of travel web sites. Airbnb is an easy and secure solution that allows even less frequent but equally fun alternatives such as attic boats or even tree houses in 192 countries.

Where to eat? – Save money on food

Where to eat? - Save money on food

  • When planning accommodation, stay in a place with easy access to a supermarket. You’ll save on coffee shop or even meals if you can get some food items you can carry or eat at home.
  • Fill yourself with water at home. A bottle of 33cl of water purchased next to the beach will cost about € 1, while if you fill it at home it will cost about € 0.06 …
  • If traveling with children, it is essential to plan the meals you want to make at home and make use of the farnel to avoid considerable expenses in the usual snacks outside the house.

What to do?

What to do?

This is a question whose answer varies greatly from person to person. Here, we advise you to visit the SpottedByLocals site that brings together a number of places of tourist interest recommended by the natives.

The surprises are immense, including lesser known but equally beautiful places.

Other aspects to consider


  • We have already said it, but we have reinforced it again: define the budget for each of the above categories, in order to guarantee the financial stability of the household. In this budget, include travel expenses (plan or private transport) and accommodation, set a maximum ceiling for usual purchases and souvenirs, assign a maximum amount of daily expenses to each family member, and account for all expenses that may be associated with your vacation , such as the purchase of necessary clothing and equipment, insurance, vaccines and documents;
  • Contemplate the possibility of unforeseen events (losing a flight, lost luggage or even robbery) and ensuring the existence of a working capital for this situation. Do not forget also our tip of use of the insurance of the credit card;
  • Use your credit card in moderation. The advance planning of your vacations can be decisive to enjoy a rest of quality, leaving some money to amortize credits.

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