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Briefly, carpooling is based on sharing a car between passengers with matching destinations and times. Thus, drivers with their own car can choose to share it with passengers who also share the same route.

This is a particularly advantageous solution for long haul travel as it is based on the principle of dividing travel costs – tolls and fuel – among all passengers.

How it works

How it works


Combining hitchhiking with a driver is very simple and there are already several sites that almost automate this task. We have already mentioned a few in this article, but we will remember them here and add others to the list:

    • Devil
    • Travels
    • One night
    • Blablacar
    • Carpoolworld

The usual procedure on these sites is to register and choose your profile (driver or passenger). If you are the driver, you register a travel offer defining the origin, destination, date, time and contribution (price) per driver. If you are a passenger, just look for offers on the dates you want and choose the one that best fits your budget, hourly availability, etc.

The price of travel varies from lot to driver to driver, but Lisbon-Porto trip usually costs between € 12 and € 15 (€ 19.50 at Rede Expressos), while a trip between Lisbon-Faro can cost between 10 € 15 (€ 18.50 for the Network Express).

Advantages and disadvantages



The carpooling is a good alternative to typical land transport covering long distances (eg Lisbon-Faro-Lisbon), since the prices are flexible – there are several price offers, some lower – and promotes human interaction, making travel more dynamic and less boring, especially when they are long. (Ie

As a disadvantage, there is the question of safety, or rather the uncertainty about safety, since the basic concept of carpooling is based on accepting or offering carpooling to strangers. There are, however, some precautions to reduce this fear:

  1. Exchange contacts with the driver / passengers and share them with someone you trust before the trip. Do not forget also to give information about the route;
  2. Most sites have a rating system for both drivers and passengers, to make the experience safer;
  3. Make sure you have friends in common with the driver / passengers. On the Umcoche website, it is easy to check this information through Facebook, since the registration on the site is made from this social network.

Car sharing: rent a car without bureaucracy

Car sharing: rent a car without bureaucracy

The carsharing is briefly an alternative system of car rental. This system allows you to rent a car easily, without bureaucracies, monthly fees, registration fees or loyalties.

Carsharing is a kind of mixture of individual transport and public transport, encompassing the “best of both worlds”: the flexibility and independence that counts when you have a car and the cheapest prices of public transport, with fuel and insurance included, making -a good option when going, for example, to a vacation destination that has carsharing parks where you can leave the rental car.

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