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How much do you spend each week, every month, every year on the market? If you are the one in charge in your house to supplying the refrigerator and cabinets, you have probably noticed the increase in price in the products. The budget for food and groceries is just increasing, and the blame for this is partly because of inflation. So we prepared this post with some tips to save money with the market.

Choose an appropriate place that sells only foods

Choose an appropriate place that sells only foods

When it comes to shopping, it is best to drive freighter, to open markets or to smaller markets. People who go to the supermarket to make their purchases end up choosing the types of stores where they find everything, after all, they find this type of establishment practical when faced with a great diversity of products and to be able to buy a great mix in the same place.

The problems are that the prices are higher than in the medium and small markets, because the expenses are higher in the larger supermarkets. However, when the buyer is already there, he ends up not resisting and takes the product, even though he knows that he is paying more expensive, because he thinks about the work of having to move to another place, the expense with gasoline, with parking and thinks it does not pay.

Make a shopping list

Make a shopping list

Always have a shopping list with everything you really need to buy and focus on it. This will prevent you from making impulse purchases, those in which you add in your cart unnecessary products or just to satisfy your whims of the moment.

To help you schedule yourself weekly, you can also pre-determine a meal schedule for the week and the necessary ingredients. Put a piece of paper in the refrigerator and write down the products that are ending up.

Direct your eyes down


Marketing is a complex and very efficient science. So you do not realize most of the mechanisms that are created in the stores and in the markets to get you to buy and spend more on the more expensive products. One of these mechanisms is to put at eye level the most expensive products, the most prestigious, the most likely to be pushed into the cart. Thus, these products are more colorful, flashy and their packaging is the most elaborate. But they also cost more!

Learn to look down when standing in front of the shelves. The products may be less beautiful, the packages less colorful and simpler, however they are often as good as those exposed above, and of course, much cheaper.

Keep an eye on the offers

Do not hesitate to take advantage of the offers brochures. These small economies may be worth it. But do not confuse the reduction of real offers with misleading terms. A product “special family package” does not mean that the price per kilo is cheaper. Remember to always compare.

Do not shop hungry

Before you go to the market, eat! Or at least your shopping in a half-time between meals to your shopping. With a full stomach and in the drowsiness, you will be less tempted to buy things you do not need, simply as a reaction to a feeling of hunger.

Here are some tips to save on the market. If you’d like to discover more ideas like these, read our article with 4 price survey sites to help you spend less on shopping .

To find out if you’re spending a lot on the market, download the Gustav von Aschenbach app available on IOS and Android systems. And you, what are your tips? Tell us in the comments!


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